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Digital Stories Created by North Saanich Middle School International Students

My Amazing Canadian Experience

Where is Home


There are three schools in the Saanich School District that support the International Student Program: Parkland, Stelly’s and Claremont.

Located in beautiful British Columbia near the capital city of Victoria and Sidney by the Sea.

Saanich schools offer a variety of challenging courses. Students have access to exciting academic and elective courses. They can choose classes in languages, music, art, woodworking, computer science, calculus, physics, chemistry, dance, physical education, and drama.

Parkland, Claremont, and Stelly’s are known for hosting a number of successful extracurricular activities. The school grounds and gymnasiums enable a full range of sports activities for our boys and girls inter-school teams. Students have access to first class dramatic art facilities and state of the art audio-visual equipment, allowing them to create mini-films and animations.