• Friendship for life
    Friendship for life "I made a lot of new friends, friendships that will last a lifetime." - former international student
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    Healthy Lifestyle Outstanding educational programs and personalized support for students
  • Elementary, Middle and High Schools
    Elementary, Middle and High Schools Outstanding educational programs and personalized support for students
  • Sail and Explore
    Sail and Explore Focus programs are available in all of our secondary schools: Parkland, Stelly's and Claremont.
  • Outdoor Education Courses
    Outdoor Education Courses Instruction in canoeing, backpacking and climbing with expeditions to various destinations on Vancouver Island.
  • West Coast of Canada
    West Coast of Canada Located in beautiful British Columbia near the capital city of Victoria and Sidney by the Sea.

Secondary Schools

  • Secondary School Overview
  • Claremont
  • Parkland
  • Stelly’s
Our three secondary schools are known for hosting a number of successful extracurricular activities. The school grounds and gymnasiums enable a full range of sports activities for our boys and girls inter-school teams. Students have access to first class dramatic art facilities and state of the art audio-visual equipment, allowing them to create mini-films and animations.

Claremont Logo

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  • A large school population of 1070 students in grades 9-12 and 75 staff
  • Is the closest Saanich high school to downtown Victoria (15 minute drive)
  • A strong tradition of academics, fine arts and athletics
  • Holds academics in very high regard by supporting students who are taking provincial exams and pursuing scholarships
  • Features Advance Placement Programs in Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French and Spanish.
  • Offers a variety of elective programs such as journalism, computer technology, photography, writing, acting and technology education
  • Proud of its Claremont Theatre, a 250 seat facility with professional lighting and sound systems, home to strong musical theatre, drama and dance programs. Read More

parkland logo bw

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  • The smallest secondary school in the district with 800 students in grades 9-12 and 60 teaching staff.
  • Big enough to offer a full range of programs but small enough so everybody knows each other.
  • Enjoys strong student involvement in school activities
  • Headquarters for the Saanich International Students Program
  • Parkland is built on a natural, picturesque site, surrounded by municipal and provincial parks and across the street from the ocean.
  • Located in the beautiful, waterfront town of “Sidney by the Sea”, 18 kilometres from Victoria.
  • Conveniently located near the B.C. Ferry terminal to Vancouver, close to the Victoria International Airport and right on a public bus route.
  • Check out Parkland’s new Judo Academy
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For well-rounded academic students who embrace diversity, who have a sense of adventure, and who appreciate positive relationships.

  • The largest school in Saanich District with 1170 students in grades 9-12 and 100 teachers and support staff.
  • Stelly’s is known as “The People Place”- a caring, trusting school where students are treated with respect and fairness and where “every student can find a place”.
  • Features a unique “Teacher Advisor Program” that allows all students daily contact with the same “home base”  teacher and group of peers throughout their years at Stelly’s.
  • Boasts a strong Academic program with an excellent record of provincial exam results and scholarship acquisition. Read More


SISP Orientation

International Program 3 day Orientation

Labor Day Labor Day
First Day of School First Day of School
  • Homestay Information

    Host families provide essentially what they would normally provide for their own family:• Private bedroom. Three wholesome meals a day and snacks as required• Quiet, well-lit and heated study space• Bathing/showering facilities• Laundry• Emotional support if the student is suffering from homesickness, difficulties at school, etc• Access to the common Read More
  • Homestay Information for Students

    Schools in the Saanich district are located in beautiful neighbourhoods. Families from these neighbourhoods are carefully screened to host international students before they qualify. We understand the importance of a quality placement for every student.  The Program ensures that students are placed in clean, caring homes and is responsible for on-going monitoring Read More
  • Become a host parent

    How to Apply to Become a Host Parent Homestay Duration:3 weeks to 10 months Homestay Requirements: As a home-stay parent you are expected to provide the support that you would normally provide for your own family: a private bedroom furnished with the following: a bed with a proper mattress and Read More
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Student Successes

  • Mark (Hong Kong)

    When Marc first arrived in Saanich from Hong Kong, he joined a local fencing club. “I’m glad I can continue 

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  • Michiyo (Japan)

    “The school is good, the students are so nice, they help me with my English. The teachers are so friendly

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  • Justin (Taiwan) & Gerard (Mexico)

    “Back home it is so hard, there is so much testing and the teachers are very strict. It is easier

    Read More
  • Nanna and Iver from Norway

    Norwegian Students Continue their Special Interests in Saanich   Nanna and Iver from Norway wanted to study abroad and are

    Read More
  • Two Grade 8 International Students like Bayside Middle School

        Jose Andre’s from Mexico and Kevin from China are enjoying their grade 8 year at Bayside Middle School

    Read More
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Focus Programs

  • Sports +

    Ice Hockey - Heralded as the national sport of Canada. Students in this program benefit from three days a week of ice time to improve skating and skills. See Parkland's Hockey Academy.  Learn more at Saanich Minor Hockey Association. Judo - Study with a 6th Degree Black Belt in the only high school Judo academy in Western Canada. Sailing - Do you love to be on the water? Parkland holds a unique partnership with the North Saanich Yacht Club.  As well, check out Parkland Sailing Academy.                                              Climbing -  The Boulders Read More
  • Integrated Studies +

    “Exploring pathways in programs of choice” Marine Institute - A marine focus on academics, trades, technology or recreation in preparation for future careers. Global Perspectives - A unique outreach program requiring local community service in grade 11 and volunteer work in a developing country in grade 12. Institute for Global Solutions - An interdisciplinary program focusing on causes, consequences and solutions to the most pressing global challenges. Pursuit of Excellence - Creating an individualized plan for students to reach their maximum potential including the Duke of Edinburgh program and an emphasis on public speaking Read More
  • Arts +

    “Opportunities to specialize in Visual or Performing Arts”       Musical Theatre – “Combining courses in Stagecraft, Choir, Band, Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre to produce first class Musical Productions” Focus on Fine Arts(FOFA) – “A school diploma program featuring choices in Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Theatre” Affiliation with Victoria Academy of Ballet - “Providing students with the necessary foundation to embark on a career in professional dance” Read More
  • Outdoor Education +

    “Experiences in Outdoor Activities in all Secondary Schools”       Outdoor Education Courses in grades 11 and 12 - “Instruction in canoeing, backpacking and climbing with expeditions to various destinations on Vancouver Island.” Read More
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Student Experience Videos